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There are 71 Journal calls that have a call deadline greater than 11-Aug-2013.
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Journal Title Submitter Issue No. Call Deadline Asc / Desc
International Journal for the Semiotics of Law anne WAGNER 24.3069 Open Call for Papers
International Journal of Russian Studies Ayse Dietrich 24.3045 Open Call for Papers
Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development – JCLAD Mehmet Ozcan 24.3044 Open Call for Papers
Journal of Multicultural Discourses Andrea Wells 24.3201 Open Call for Papers
Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition – JSMULA Mehmet Ozcan 24.3043 Open Call for Papers
Semantics-Syntax Interface Negin Ilkhanipour 24.3096 Open Call for Papers
Language Donna Christian 24.2855 31-Dec-2023
Language Under Discussion Marla Perkins 24.2664 31-Dec-2023
Language Documentation & Conservation Andrea Berez 23.3854 31-Dec-2020
California Linguistic Notes Patricia Schneider-Zioga 23.5124 28-Feb-2020
Applied Research in English Mohsen Rezazadeh 23.4724 01-Jan-2020
Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research Karim Sadeghi 23.3983 01-Jan-2020
Issues in Intercultural Communication Elizabeth Winkler 21.4044 30-Dec-2019
Explorations in Linguistics: An Online Journal of Undergraduate Research Jennifer Ewald 24.1455 01-Jan-2015
Journal of English Linguistics Robin Queen 19.193 01-Jan-2015
Research on Language and Computation Shalom Lappin 22.2259 01-Jan-2015
Journal of Multicultural Discourses Louise Phillips 24.572 31-Dec-2014
Canadian Modern Language Review UTP Journals 24.2837 30-Jun-2014
MonTI (Monographs in Translation and Interpreting) Cesáreo Calvo 23.4895 30-Jun-2014
Token: A Journal of English Linguistics Sylwester Łodej 24.2699 31-Mar-2014
The Journal of Specialised Translation Lucja Biel 23.5204 15-Mar-2014
Nordic Journal of Linguistics Gisle Andersen 24.2270 15-Jan-2014
Journal of Intercultural Communication Research Jodie Bell 23.1992 14-Jan-2014
Journal of Literary Theory Hannes Worthmann 24.385 01-Jan-2014
Acta Linguistica Hungarica Katalin É. Kiss 24.2770 31-Dec-2013
Canadian Modern Language Review UTP Journals 24.1241 31-Dec-2013
Creative Practices in Language Learning and Teaching Teow Ghee Tan 24.709 31-Dec-2013
Critical Multilingualism Studies Chantelle Warner 24.1452 31-Dec-2013
Critical Multilingualism Studies Chantelle Warner 24.2357 31-Dec-2013
HEL (Histoireépistémologie langage) Valérie Raby 23.4606 31-Dec-2013
Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict Maria Sifianou 24.2484 31-Dec-2013
Lingvistik’ Roberto Pigro 24.1762 31-Dec-2013
International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan 24.2361 20-Dec-2013
GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies Associate Profesor Dr Nor Fariza Mohd Nor 24.2418 01-Dec-2013
Academic Exchange Quarterly Marilyn Pasqua 24.2126 30-Nov-2013
AION-Linguistica Alberto Manco 24.1763 30-Nov-2013
Canadian Modern Language Review Journals UTP 24.849 30-Nov-2013
Sintagma. Journal of Linguistics Gloria Vázquez 24.2362 30-Nov-2013
The Journal of Specialised Translation Lucja Biel 24.2242 30-Nov-2013
Arborescences Jeffrey Steele 24.2330 15-Nov-2013
Boletin de Filologia Dario Rojas 24.3137 31-Oct-2013
Canadian Modern Language Review UTP Journals 22.2458 31-Oct-2013
Indo-European Linguistics Joseph Eska 24.1853 31-Oct-2013
Scottish Language Robert McColl Millar 24.2501 31-Oct-2013
The Language Learning Journal Mohammad Javad Ahmadian 24.466 31-Oct-2013
Language Value Mari Carmen Campoy Cubillo 24.1671 30-Oct-2013
Language Value Mari Carmen Campoy Cubillo 24.1800 30-Oct-2013
Sayyab Translation Journal (STJ) Ali Almanna 24.2524 30-Oct-2013
Traitement Automatique des Langues Mathieu Roche 24.2820 15-Oct-2013
Dialectologia Maria-Pilar Perea 24.955 01-Oct-2013
Journal of Early Modern Studies Jeanne Clegg 24.1964 01-Oct-2013
Studies in Graduate and Professional Student Development Greta Gorsuch 24.1861 01-Oct-2013
Versejunkies: Intersemiotic Translation Journal Cutter Streeby 24.2360 30-Sep-2013
International Journal of Language Studies (IJLS) Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan 24.1926 15-Sep-2013
Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes Nadezda Stojkovic 24.3095 15-Sep-2013
Linguistica Atlantica Egor Tsedryk 24.2381 15-Sep-2013
Questions and Answers in Linguistics Piotr Gulgowski 24.2821 15-Sep-2013
Signes, discours et sociétés Albin Wagener 24.2303 15-Sep-2013
Journal of Speech Sciences Luciana Lucente 24.2961 10-Sep-2013
Ianua. Revista Philologica Romanica Francesc González i Planas 24.1113 06-Sep-2013
Journal of Modern Languages Sheena Kaur 24.2962 01-Sep-2013
Perspectives: Studies in Translatology Louise Phillips 24.371 01-Sep-2013
Academic Exchange Quarterly Emilia Di Martino 23.4753 31-Aug-2013
Academic Exchange Quarterly Kristi Hislope 24.2052 31-Aug-2013
Academic Exchange Quarterly Kristi Hislope 24.2214 31-Aug-2013
Language and Information Society Inkie Chung 24.2838 31-Aug-2013
Language and Psychoanalysis Laura Cariola 24.2016 31-Aug-2013
Revista Leitura Miguel Oliveira, Jr. 24.2645 31-Aug-2013
Taiwan Journal of Linguistics Miao-Ling Hsieh 24.2769 31-Aug-2013
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology Jenna Kelland 24.3158 15-Aug-2013
IARS’ International Research Journal Deepak Jain 23.4563 15-Aug-2013

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Full Title: The Journal of Specialised Translation

Linguistic Field(s): Forensic Linguistics; Translation

Call Deadline: 30-Nov-2013

Suspicious Minds, Crime in Translation
Special Issue of The Journal of Specialised Translation

The Journal of Specialised Translation a special issue on crime in translation in July 2014 (issue n°22), guest edited by Karen Seago, Jonathan Evans and Begoña Rodriguez.

Crime fiction and its translation is experiencing a boom: Scandinavian Noir and Eurocrime feature regularly on the bestseller lists and in 2005, a special prize for translated crime fiction was created after the Gold Dagger had been won by non-English language crime authors three years in a row. Mysteries, thrillers and crime series occupy a prime spot in film and on television and recent screen adaptations of classic crime fiction such as Sherlock Holmes are an indication of our continuing fascination with the genre. But it is not only in fiction that translation meets crime. The police and the courts rely heavily on public service interpreters and translators. Translation itself is criminalised in various ways, e.g. in relation to copyright infringement, legal proceedings against translators of ‘problematic’ texts and various forms of piracy. This issue aims to explore the different facets of translation and crime.

Contributions might relate to but are not limited to:

•-The characteristics and challenges of translating crime fiction
-The constraints of formula fiction and how they impact on translation
-Transmedial adaptations of crime narratives
-True crime, its translation into text and across languages and cultures
-Specialist knowledge, research and documentation in crime fiction translation
-Subtitling and dubbing thrillers
-Coherence and ambiguity in crime translation
-Crime, translation and the law
-The role of translation and interpreting in criminal justice
-Translation by and for criminals
-Translation as a crime
-Translation and forensic linguistics
-The representation of translation and interpreting in crime fiction and film

We welcome contributions of full length papers (between 4k-7k words including endnotes and references), reviews (500-800 words) and shorter, more practical pieces for the Translator’s Corner section of the Journal. The journal style sheet can be downloaded from 

All contributions will be peer-reviewed.

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